Livepad Model



  • 18 MIC/LINE inputs, 4 STEREO inputs
  • 8 single-control dynamic compressors (Ch. 1-Ch.8)
  • 4 STEREO AUX returns
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable MID Frequency on microphone channels
  • 4-band fixed EQ on stereo line channels
  • 4 AUX sends per channel: 2 PRE/POST faders switchable
  • 24-bit DSP effects for 99 presets
  • USB port for PC audio recording and playback
  • p.n. 171.40.072 (US)
  • p.n. 171.40.071 (EU)
  • p.n. 171.40.068 (JA)
  • p.n. 171.40.069 (AU)
  • p.n. 171.40.070 (UK)

The L-PAD 24CX USB is a 24-channel, 4-bus mixer with 18 Mic/Line, 4 Stereo Input, 4 Group out, EQ, 8 single-control compressors and internal effects, for any live performance reinforcement. It features 18 transparent sound, ultralow noise microphone inputs with balanced XLR connector, or alternatively 16 mono line input with insert send/return, a three-band EQ with a sweepable mid frequency on 16 channels, 4 channels of stereo inputs with 4-band fixed EQs, and 4-groups assignable sub mixes, 60mm long-live extra smooth faders and four AUX sends per channel (2 Pre/Post switchable pots). The L-PAD 24CX USB gives you all the features you need to mix any professional live performance.

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L-PAD16CXusb and L-PAD24CXusb are provided with a USB port on back panel for a driverless connection of any computer. Any Computer Operating System will recognize the L-PAD mixers as an audio device.

It is possible then, record on the computer a 2trk signal coming from Mixer, MAIN MIX or GR1-2 depending on the back panel selection.

It is possible also reproduce a 2trk signal coming from computer  directly to the MAIN MIX or Ch. 15-16 on L-PAD16CXusb or Ch. 23-24 on L-PAD24CXusb depending again on the back panel selection.

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L-PAD16CXusb and L-PAD24CXusb are provided with a complete master/monitor section allowing to easily control 4 STEREO RETURN input with related AUX sends, 2 PHONES output,  Internal FX to AUX sends, CONTROL ROOM, 2TK input, 4 GROUPS out freely assignable to MAIN MIX. CONTROL ROOM allows to listen alternatively: MAIN MIX, GROUP 1-2, GROUP 3-4 or 2TK IN.


The L-PAD series mixers unique design comes from the typically Italian creativity of RCF design offices.
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3band EQ with sweepable MID Frequency on microphone channels: HIGH +/-15dB@12k – MID +/-15dB@100Hz-8kHz – LOW +-15dB@80Hz

4band EQ on stereo channels: HIGH +/-15dB@12kHz – MID-HI +/-15dB@3kHz – MID-LOW +/-15dB@500Hz – LOW +/-15dB@80Hz

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Long Life Ultra reliable 60mm faders. All the faders passed a long life use test including several tens go thousands of complete cycles.
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Smooth-action, single-control dynamic compressors.
Easy Expansion


Install here one of intelligent L-PAD optional card: MP3 PLAYER, MP3 PLAYER/RECORDER or the BLUETOOTH Connection cards. There optional card expand your L-PAD mixer usability adding an internal music player, a super-intuitive recorder or allow you to connect any Bluetooth device to reproduce your favorite playlist.
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L-PAD24CX USB offers a powerful internal effects DSP. The 99 preset selector allows you to choose between several warm effects.

ECHO: ideal effect for delay effects. Use it for vocal or brass
ECHO+VERB: deeper and more sophisticated effect than ECHO preset
TREMOLO: ideal for particular guitar effects
PLATE: suggested for snare drum percussions like congas or timbales
CHORUS: try it on acoustic guitar or to create a deeper stereo effect on background vocal
VOCAL: ideal to add depth and intensity to main vocal or solo instruments
ROTARY: great for Hammond organ or Rhodes Piano
SMALL ROOM: try it over small percussions like castanet or claves
FLANGE+VERB: great on electric guitar for particular effects
LARGE HALL: good for voices, power electric guitar and main instruments, especially on ballad songs.