Rcf L-PAD is the new challenge and search to complet RCF offer. Founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, in the last 30 years the company has established itself as a world leader in speakers that are now a standard reference in sound reinforcement applications at all professional levels, from one-man band to major rock concerts with audience of 100,000 people. The L-PAD line includes 7 different models of mixer, which range from 6 to 12 channels with effects or not. The compressors installed on the microphone of the mixer have a highly intuitive use with a single knob, that controls the threshold and compression ratio at the same time. All mixers are tested during their construction and at the end of the production process to guarantee a high level of reliability and to ensure to the customer the purchase of a quality standard product. The line project of the mixer L-PAD combines a modern and excellent ergonomic design. The side profile presents an original aesthetic, ensuring as well to grab the mixer in a easy and secure way.